I was introduced to Faizun earlier this year and began working with her to find the right franchise fit. She and I had similar backgrounds regarding our experience in corporate America and we connected immediately. Faizun took time to get to know me and to understand my goals and objectives. So much of your personal life comes in to play when looking for the right franchise and Faizun knew how to appropriately dig into my likes, dislikes and true passion. She kept me on track through the due diligence process to help me find the right fit. I would recommend Faizun Kamal to anyone exploring franchise opportunities.

Laura Fitts| May 21, 2021, Laura was a client of Faizun's

Faizun takes the time to get to know the folks she coaches and mentors. She has a knack for listening and understanding what skills and fields would interest you even if they would not be apparent to you. I was retiring from the military and getting into business with minimal business experience. The franchise brand I eventually went with was not even on my radar, but she saw that it played towards my values. I wanted to control my schedule, prioritize my family, and work from home. She found me a brand with all that and low start up costs! Not only is she a pleasure to work with, but she has a network of similar professionals who assisted me with financing, accounting, and recommendations that have made getting my business started as efficient and less stressful as I could have imagined. I would recommend her to family and teammates without hesitation and that is the highest compliment I could pay her and her team. 

Benjamin Burt
Benjamin Burt| March 26, 2021, Benjamin was a client of Faizun's

Working with Faizun as my Franchise Consultant was an extremely pleasant and rewarding process! I had worked with another consultant before and the experience bore no fruit, leading me to put franchising on the back burner. Faizun was very hands on with regular check in calls where I could ask questions, express my fears and doubts, as well as strategize and brainstorm. She was instrumental in providing me with franchise opportunities that met my personal goals and were a good personality fit. She also gave solid references to finance partners which made the SBA loan process seamless! I’m grateful to have met her and had her as a resource throughout the franchise process from idea to reality! Thank you, Faizun!

Salwa Williams
Salwa Williams| August 28, 2019, Salwa was a client of Faizun's

Over the months I have known Faizun, I have been impressed by her professionalism and care. She has a thorough understanding of franchising, its advantages, and its risks, and skillfully communicates that understanding with passion. Faizun is also a highly skilled coach. She guided me through the process of selecting a franchise with much patience. She carefully explained the steps involved, made sure I didn’t take any shortcuts and kept me moving forward without pressuring me toward any particular choice. Without her encouragement and counsel, I would have probably ended my journey unsuccessfully. Most of all, I appreciate that her care and concern extend beyond the client relationship. She genuinely seeks what is best for me as my friend, and I am grateful for that.

Ronald E. Moore
Ronald E. Moore| August 27, 2019, Ronald E. was a client of Faizun’s

I would highly recommend contacting Faizun Kamal to anyone who is even remotely considering the possibility of starting a franchise business. I found her to be an excellent franchise consultant. She worked closely with me to help identify what I was looking for, suggested some great options to consider and then provided support throughout the evaluation and final selection stages. Along this journey, I learned some of her strengths that made for such an effective partnership. Among them, are her professionalism, knowledge of the franchise world, ability to ask the right probing questions and not only listen to the answers, but to use them in her efforts to further assist me. Lastly, she possesses a level of enthusiasm that makes it a joy to work with her.

John Kipps
John Kipps| January 31, 2018, John was a client of Faizun’s