Faizun Kamal has packed this easy to read book with all the information you need to find your way out of that dull, boring, “today is the same as yesterday” corporate hamster wheel. Owning a franchise could well be your best escape plan, your best exit opportunity. Ms Kamal will guide you through the simple steps..

Randy Baker2019-07-03

I have read many books on the topic of franchising and this is among the best! Ms. Kamal shares real life stories, including her own, that quickly establishes her understanding of the wants and needs within so many of us who have longed for the freedoms and rewards of business ownership.

Eileen P2019-06-26

This book is perfect for those that may have experienced frustration with work or where their life is. It seems as if we are often thrust into our careers without doing our own personal “due diligence.” I’ve been laid off just like Sophia’s friend, and I know how frustrating and devastating it can be.


CBNation & Blue 16 Media2019-06-27